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Following the traditional custom in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts, Dr.Jiliang Liu is accepting formal students who request to become his apprentice of his teaching.

The acceptance of an apprentice is a very formal event in the culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Art. Dedicated students must undergo a series of tests to prove their worthiness, loyalty and dedication.

The purpose of this custom is to forge a special bond between Sifu and his apprentices. There is a saying is Chinese that in order for the transfer of knowledge to occur. There needs to be a strong commitment displayed by the student who seeks knowledge and a strong commitment from the teacher to pass on the knowledge. The Bai Shi ceremony is a sacred practice that binds these commitments; it provides an intangible force uniting the teacher and the student. After the Bai Shi ceremony the apprentices become more than just a student but they are considered to be part of the family. This enables the Shifu to fully guide his apprentices in their development and for Sifu to pass on his unique experiences and his knowledge that is reveal only to apprentices. The purpose of Bai Shi process gives Shifu a chance to better get to know you and thus, devise a specific training plan that is in tuned to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This bond also allows Shifu to open and free your mind so you can be readily receptive to positive Chi and the essence of the knowledge that are intangible.

To become an apprentice, the student must undergo two stages of initiation. The first stage of the initiation must have the following declaration:

The authentic intention to become an apprentice 

Respect and reverence for the heaven, earth and nature.

Respect and reverence for parents and family.

Respect and reverence for Shifu.

Commitment to fellow apprentices through mutual love, protection, learning and honor.

Willingness to pay tuition to Shifu Jiliang Liu.

Safeguard the secrets of our system at all cost.

Willingness to pass on the knowledge of Shifu’s teaching to future generations upon completion of studies with

Sifu and obtaining his commendation of suitability and readiness to teach.  

Willingness to invite other into our system but refrain from reveling the secrets of our family to outsiders until they are deemed worthy and become apprentice to our family.

The first stage of the initiation will last until Sifu sees that a certain maturity is displayed by the apprentice. When Shifu decides that the time has come, the student will move on to the second stage of the initiation. The Bai Shi ceremony will be held to officially recognize the student as an apprentice.

Dr. Jiliang Liu



The Characteristics of a Great Teacher


In Chinese, there is a distinction to the phrase great teacher “Ming Shi.” On the literal level, a great teacher is a well known and well respected teacher who has achieved a certain level of acclamation. However, there is also a different meaning hidden in plain sight. The Chinese word “Ming,” also means illumination and clarity in understanding.  Thus, a great teacher should both well known, well respected and also should have a highly level of understanding and refinement to the intricacies of his knowledge.

When looking for a great T’ai Chi teacher, one needs to assess the teacher’s linage, his physical complexion, as well as his understanding of the various scientific and philosophical thoughts that are infused with T’ai Chi. A great teacher must have first learned the intricacies of T’ai Chi from his master, then practice and apply this knowledge to himself through countless hours of training. More importantly, a great teacher must also attain a higher level of understand and further refinement of the knowledge that was taught to him by his teacher. Only has he master all of the above, can he be considered a great teacher. A great teacher must achieve both physical prowess and spiritual connection that is in tuned to the rhythm of the heavens and earth.