Treatment Fees


Complete Physical Examination and Diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Procedure

Inclusive of necessary herbal prescriptions


Chi Acupuncture

Intensive Treatment for Illnesses using Unique TCM Techniques

Using Unique TCM Techniques to Rebalance Chi Flow and Increase Vital Energy


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Price of herbal teas and capsules can vary depending on prescriptions


Home Visit Fee:

Please Contact us for More Details




Medical Chi Gong T'ai Chi


Registration Fee $120 per person (Includes physical examination using (TCM) procedures)


Class Size


T’ai Chi


Chi Gong
T’ai Chi*


Chi Gong T’ai Chi*


Martial Arts*


Martial Arts*







Prices are base on single sessions.
All program are based on 1 hour and 15 minutes per session

Price of group class varies please contact us for inquries

* Requires Apprenticeship

*Online Registration Only: Please E-Mail