Dr. Ji Liang Liu


M.D in China
Master of Dao
Doctor of TCM
Chi Gong Doctor in China
NYS  LIC.  Acupuncturist
NCCA  DIPL. Herbologist
T'ai  Chi  & Chi Gong Master

Dr. Liu's practice of TCM follows the natural order of life. His healing method and his practices reveal the body’s inner truth. His practice of medicine is not an alternative medicine, rather it is a medicine reflective of the true internal order of nature. It embraces the essentials of natural healing which result in a freer mind, a nourished soul, and healthy body.

His practice embraces the Dao of life, the central truth of nature that provides for health and long life. As long as we endure, Dr. Liu's medical philosophy will remain central to obtaining a natural state of health and well-being. 



347 Fifth Ave. Suite 1208 NY, NY 10016

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