Cancer Treatment and Prevention Program


Cancer Treatment Dao

Dr. Liu’s treatment and prevention program relieves symptoms and increase energy. Through his TCM examination, Dr. Liu can trace the root of Cancer and treat it though Chi acupuncture, Chi Gong therapy and Chinese herbs. The integration of these treatments can revitalize blocked channels and reinforce the positive energy flow within the body, preventing possible blockage before it occurs. This approach brings a healthy natural way in the prevention and fight against cancer. It is a method to help establish self-healing and self-regulation.

Dr. Jiliang Liu views of Cancer and Chi

From the Chi energy perspective cancer is the result of Chi, blood stagnation, channel blockage and the resultant disruption of organ function and cellular and tissue metabolism. The progression of cancer can be divided into three periods and a total of nine stages.

First period:

In stage one, the flow of Chi is impeded by internal or external factors that shock the body from the harmonious stage of free Chi flow. This stage is not uncommon and at this point can be subjected to self-healing. In this stage, Dr.Liu’s method involves the regulation and promotion of Chi flow.

In stage two, the internal Chi flow feverously attempts to reach the region that is in stagnation. The body expends a tremendous amount of energy to counteract the deficient in the region and the disturbed Chi flow. In this stage, the individual feels discomfort, but is not sure how to define it. The feeling and other symptoms will subside for a period of time as the insidious stagnation of Chi continues. During this stage Dr. Liu can remedy the stagnation through reinforcing and promoting Chi flow and dissolving Chi stagnation. The development of stage one to stage three can take 3-5 years depending on age, physical and emotional condition.

Second period:

In stage three, there is a further manifestation and continuation of Chi stagnation resulting in lowered blood flow in the affected area. In this stage, Dr. Liu can help in the continuing elimination of stagnation and the activation of blood flow.

In stage four, the stagnation increases channel blockage, the disorder of organ function and the inner toxins and fire. In this stage, Dr. Liu can help in the dissipation of heat, detoxification of toxins, and the cleaning of channel blockage. In these two stages, if diagnosed and treated early, the prognosis for recovery is excellent.

In stage five, the inner toxins and fire will ultimately lead to an increase of phlegm within one’s body, which is also known as “yan.” The result is tumor development. In this stage, Dr. Liu can help in the dissipation of heat and the detoxification process as well as the elimination of phlegm.


Third period:

In stage six, the coagulation of yan (tumor) absorbs one’s Chi creating a deficiency in Chi in the essential organs. In this stage, Dr.Liu can help reinforce Chi and eliminate toxin and phlegm.

In stage seven, Chi blockage disturbs the balance of other elements ultimately resulting in disturbance in Yin Yang. There is a strong disturbance in Yin as toxins continue to fire up.

In stage eight, both Chi and Yin are deficient. In order to continue one’s bodily organ function, the body withdraws from the essence of life the kidney essence, the last and most powerful derivative of energy.

In stage nine, when kidney essence is depleted, the Yin cannot hold up Yang, one’s Chi, Yin and Yang dissipates and is recycled back into the universe. In stage, seven, eight, and nine, Dr. Liu can help reinforce both Chi and Yin to balance Yin and Yang to reduce suffering.