Benefits of Liu's Medical Chi Gong T'ai Chi


Tai Chi


T’ai Chi Chuan originated from observations and adaptation of animalistic motion in combination with breathing techniques. The word and the meaning of T’ai Chi originate from Yi Jing. The theory of T’ai Chi is derived from the philosophy of Dao Te Ching and Huangdi Neijing (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The structural development of T’ai Chi later adapted the function and practical nature of Wu Shu. T’ai Chi is the culmination of philosophy, medicine and physical motion, thus making T’ai Chi a holistic mind body exercise.

The distinctive features of T’ai Chi include gentle movement, rhythmic breathing, and tranquil motion. By practicing T’ai Chi one can achieve a state of heightened energy and concentrated focus. The circular, full body motion of T’ai Chi corresponds to the natural motion of the heaven and earth. T’ai Chi yields both physical as well as internal balance of Yin and Yang.

Liu's Chi Gong T'ai Chi program emphasizes both internal and external practice. Internal practice includes the strengthening of essence, Chi and spirit. External practice includes the strengthening of the physical aspects, such as bones, muscles and tendons. Through external practice one is able to strengthen and reinforce the internal spirit; through spirit one learns to control and balance one's desires. The strengthening of essence strengthens Chi. A sufficient amount of Chi results in a higher quality of life. Essence, Chi and Spirit are three of our most valuable treasures, five Zang ( heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney) six Fu ( large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, stomach, urinary bladder, triple burner ) provide us with the medium for survival. Tendon, bones and muscles provide us with the support for mobility. 

Liu's Chi Gong T'ai Chi program provides the exercise for the internal and the external achieving a balance of physical and spiritual well-being. The internal exercise stresses practice of the intangibles such as Chi and Spirit. The external exercise stresses peace in motion. Internal and external exercises are connected and contingent; together they provide a system of exercise that embodies all the components of a healthy lifestyle.

In its beginning stages students are taught a method of strengthening the internal through external exercise. However, as the student develops a deeper understanding of Liu's Medical Chi Gong T'ai Chi, emphasis is focused on the use of the internal exercise to strengthen the external "physical" body. This provides the potential for a state where Essence, Chi and Spirit can overcome the limitation of the physical body.

From 24 years of clinical observation, Dr. Jiliang Liu has concluded that the modern lifestyle is too hectic and stressful for the human body. The 21st century introduced a tremendous amount of indoor and sedentary work habits. It introduced pollution, which disrupts the natural human electrical field and brings chaos to the natural bodily balance. This is responsible for the current increase of medical symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, headache, stress, depression, lack of concentration, memory loss, allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, hormone disorder, infertility, ulcer and cancer. In addition, these external environmental factors coalesce and result in a lower standard of both physical and emotional life. 

If one spends 30 minutes a day practicing Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi in a natural environment, one would begin self-healing, reduce suffering, prevent disease, and elevate one’s quality of life.

The practice of Liu’s Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi is simple and effective. Liu’s places stress on practicality and effectiveness rather than complexity. No matter in what stage one's practice is--the internal stage of exercise or on the external stage of exercise, one can gain innumerable benefits throughout one’s life.

Liu’s Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi is time flexible, location flexible and requires no additional equipment. T’ai Chi is safe and can be practiced in any position; it is easy to learn and to practice. The versatility makes it suitable for people of all age, sex, and physical condition. Liu’s Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi can be enjoyed individually or collectively. Collective practice and practice with an instructor can achieve additional therapeutic effect.


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