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Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories and modern medicine, Dr. Liu utilized over 50 years of expertise in Chinese Martial Arts—including Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Gong Fu, WuShu and Traditional Arts of Chinese self-preserving skills, and with over 30 years of clinical experience in both United States and China—in formulizing the theory of Liu's Medical Chi Gong Tai Chi Healing program. He has created a system of Medical Chi Gong Tai Chi techniques, incorporating modern knowledge of Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine. These exercises are individually designed for each student’s specific age, size, sex, stamina, health history, strengths, infirmities, and overall physical constitution.

Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi stresses the importance of the breathe of life. It stresses one’s breathing, movement and focus. Through these key points, one is able to control different parts of one’s brain and ultimately to achieve relaxation, inner balance and the ability to become more receptive to one’s surroundings. This brings one more in tune with nature and the universe.

Dr. Liu proposes that health reflects a component of life. Illness is no more than a symptom of possible imbalances in life. Liu’s Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi program opens the door to a pathway of self-revelation and a pathway where the ultimate destination is the understanding of life. Only through this kind of understanding can one begin the process of healing and change.

The Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi program is far more than a program of T’ai Chi, it’s far more than a program of mindless exercise.  This program is the combination of diverse medical principles, a program in which Traditional Chinese Medical principles meet Western Medical principles.

Through continue practice of Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi, one can balance the inner organs and achieve a state of equilibrium, homeostasis, the optimum state of well being, a state where one is free to absorb the essences of the universe and utilizing it for one’s healing process.

These exercises bring one closer to an understanding of the intertwining of life and health. Life is dependent upon the heavens. Living is dependent upon the earth. Through the understanding of the relationship between the heaven and the earth, can one truly understand the meaning of life and the meaning of health and illness.

Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi Healing Art is designed with flexibility in mind. The Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi healing program is divided into 9 levels with 3 sublevels totaling 27 different levels of mastery. Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi Healing Art can be tailored to one’s age (7+), gender and any physical conditions. Practicing this regimen for 30-45 minutes a day reduces stress and improves balance, posture, mood, sleep, stamina, appearance, a number of chronic ailments, and improves longevity. Long-term practice of Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi Healing Art produces a state of deep, vibrant health that becomes the cornerstone of a vigorous life and a disease-free aging process.

Fee and Schedule

Classes will begin with an introduction to Liu's Medical Chi Gong T’ai Chi for beginners and for students with some previous knowledge of Chi Gong or T’ai Chi. Classes meet one hour every week or 2 sessions on weekends, during which time Dr. Liu will provide personal one-on-one instruction for each student. Classes can be scheduled to accommodate different numbers of students, with fees structured accordingly.

Chinese Martial Arts classes for adults and adolescents are also available.

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