Traditional T’ai Chi Health Preservation Foundation in association with Traditional Chinese Medicine of New York is cordially inviting you to participate in our free to the public, Healing on the Green Program. This program is aimed to provide local residents, who are interested in natural healing, an unique opportunity to practice and discuss TCM healing philosophy and Liu's Medical T'ai Chi Healing with Dr. Jiliang Liu and his selected esteemed guess speakers and T’ai Chi grandmasters.

We are also expanding our Healing on the Green Seminars to include martial arts training for kids, teens and young adults. Our program is designed to provide physical training with the greater goal of self confidence and positive character development.


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In this spring session, Dr. Jiliang Liu will introduce you to his unique Liu's Medical T'ai Chi healing program. His system is infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional old style T'ai Chi. This system is formulated to maximize health benefit through natural physical motion in combination with a myraid of other techniques.


Some of the topics this program will cover includes:

Introduction to the principles of T'ai Chi

Introduction to the fundamentals of T'ai Chi motion

Introduction to Liu's Medical T'ai Chi

How Medical T'ai Chi can be utilized to benefit your health

Liu's Medical T'ai Chi Form 1


Our 2011 Spring session will begin from March 27th to May 29th and will be held on Sundays from 10:30AM -11:30AM at the Cutter Mill Park located in Great Neck, New York. (Excluding Holidays)


The park is conveniently located with easy accessibility by car and is within walking distance from the LIRR (Port Washington Branch) and LI Buses N20/N21.

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Our program is open free to the public. But please help us grow by consider joining us as a member to receive additional benefits and be notified of future program designated to members only.


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Please bring this registration form to your first day of class.

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For More Information please contact us via e-mail at:

You can also reach us at : 347-669-4325


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